The "Keep in Mind" list

Probably just because everyone has one now I have one here?
Anyway, this helps me as a reminder about from who I adopted what.

I said once all my listings were beloved granted subjects and I wouldn't let them go, unless someday I run out of free time or lose complete interest on the fandom.
Well, that day came and I had to close and adopt out almost all of them. I kept a few listings only, but we never know...
If I have to get rid of the rest I'll need good homes for my listings. So, if you really, really like one, you can contact me to get listed here, so I can let you know if the listing you wanted is looking for a new home.
[*] = previous owner, and they have first dibs.

  • Castlevania (series) - Cruz, Soma: Larissa[*]
  • Gankutsuou: Fanny [*]
  • Tekken - Hwoarang: Jessie [*], Hyony