Well, there's not much to say about this site.
I am an old webmistress who started to make fansites and art sites around 2003, if I remember correctly. I still like this hobby.
This site is old as well. Originally this collective was named Requiem for the Dark Souls (around 2003) and hosted fanlistings only. Then changed to Frozen Requiem (around 2010) hosting fanlistings and some other things like joined cliques.
And now, its named LIEBE (2016) and it's a collective for fanlistings and other sites.

Yes... After a long time I decided to cut down the number of domains I own so I moved my fanlistings collective here with this new name (LIEBE) and not only containing fanlistings. Now it hosts fansites and whatever else I make "fan related", about games, movies or series... If I ever decide or have the time to do such a thing, of course.


It just means "love" in german. As simple as that. Subjects I like/love... Well... "Liebe"?

Mini F.A.Q.

Can we affiliate?
Yes, as long as it is a collective or fanlistings collective. Drop me a line

Do you plan to make more sites or fanlistings?
I have no idea. Probably not. I had to close many fanlistings due to some problems. I really didn't want to but I had no choice.
I think I'll try to finish or revamp the ones I got now. Also, I have a few spare time to focus on web maintenance.

Where is your "wishlist"?
I decided to close it because I closed some subjects I really liked but since I have no time I think I won't be applying for more.

Do you still have a K.I.M. list?
Yes, it's still here. I kept a few subjects but if you want to join, drop me a line