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Credits, Formalities, Special thanks...

Welcome to the credits page. Here is where I say thanks giving the proper credit to the authors of all freeware stuff I use among my websites, fanlistings, drawings, comics, graphics and blah... And some legal formalities that I think should be cleared. This may help as a resources link as well for anyone who visits this just for curiosity.
I hope I am not forgetting anything, but in case that happens, don't hesitate to let me know.

Note: If you're reading this, I just wanted to let you know that THIS PAGE IS NOT FINISHED YET so, some links, info and sections are still missing.
~ Rodhernan, 11/aug/2007

Web Scripts
Dynamic Drive, Codegrrl, Indiscripts.

rL Brushes, Jenn B., Pootato.Org, Angelalala, Truly Sarah, Annika von Holdt, Pretty Brush, Mad Satsuki, Forbbiden Fire, Kayimi, Spirit Sighs, Jeff Highwind, Shad0w-GFX.

Pootato.Org, Miss M., Hybrid Genesis, Crystal Kiss, Ming Ling.

Image stock/Image packs
MiniTokyo, Tekken Zaibatsu, Jun Shrine, Fighters Generation, Gravity, Contra Mundi, CastleVania Dungeon, Akira Rodhernan, Laura Zel, Forever Shawn, Vampire Killer, The Dynasty Warriors character guide.

Button templates
Vintage Fairy, Pootato.Org,

Icons and pixel works
FAMFAMFAM, Akira Rodhernan, Hungry for Pixels, Kao-Ani, Crizl, Kawaiiness


Information resources
Wikipedia, Tekken Zaibatsu, Catlord Tekken Collections, Univision, Final Fantasy Tactics: Ultima Edition, Behind the name, Baby name guide, esmas, ROEmpire, RateMyServer, IRO site, Ragnarok Online, Trinity Blood Community, Trinity Blood: Wikipedia, Trinity Blood - Canon: Wikipedia, CastleVania Dungeon, PEDRO INFANTE, Gankutsuou, The Dynasty Warriors character guide, Kongming.Net, KOEI Warriors, Lucybell, Metal, Square-Enix, Inverted CastleVania Dungeon, SNK Playmore, Tekken Official, Namco,


Special thanks <3


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